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Zero Tolerance Policy

This policy is to ensure all participants are aware of and uphold the minimum standards of behaviour as set by Basketball Queensland (BQ), Eastside Basketball Limited (EBL) and Carina Cobras Basketball Club Inc (Carina Cobras).

Carina Cobras has adopted, in line with EBL and BQ, a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate or abusive behaviours' from all parents, players, and spectators. 
Inappropriate and abusive behaviours' includes, but is not limited to: 
  • persistent or wilful questioning or challenging of the rulings or opinions of a referee or scorer, team official, court controller, referee supervisor, EBL or BQ representative, venue personnel, 
  • jeering or booing a player, team or offical, 
  • verbally and/or physically confronting or abusing any person/s at any time. 

A breach of this policy will result in the offending person being asked to leave the venue immediately by the Court Controller or other EBL, BQ or Carina Cobras personnel. 

No warnings are required to be given prior to eviction.

The Court Controller may take any action they deem necessary.  A breach of this policy that occurs during a domestic game will be reported by the Court Controller to EBL. The EBL judiciary panel will review the report and decide whether further action is required. 
Carina Cobras may, at its discretion, regardless of any action by EBL, take its own action for a breach of the policy by any Carina Cobras participant.  This may include, but not limited to, expulsion from the venue, suspension from participation in games (in any or all capacity) or cancellation of player's registration with Carina Cobras.


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